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Increased Likelihood Sale Reps Achieve Quota with CPQ

Source = Aberdeen Study


Increased Revenue Growth Rate when CPQ is Implemented

Source = Aberdeen Study


New Software Vendors have Subscription Based Offerings

Source = Gartner


Business Leaders believing Subscription Business Models essential

Source = Global Banking & Finance Review


Decrease in Shipping Errors

Source = J&J Case Study


Time Savings in Quote Speed & Accuracy

Source = Lumilum Case Study

Scale Revenue Natively in Salesforce with Kugamon


Perfect Pipeline

Control revenue performance with truly accurate pipeline forecasts. See critical deal flow easily configured for your business - because your data comes right from Salesforce.


1-Click to Close

Assemble the most complex quotes and orders with just 1-click - including, discounts, add-ons, specials, etc., no matter how many parts you include.


Automated Renewals

Get your renewals out as soon as they’re due - with built in annual increases to maintain revenue integrity.


Gain Effectiveness

Built with App Empathy Kugamon help those new to Salesforce become experts in Closing. Revenue attainment becomes easier with every new hire.


Lightning Performance

100% Lightning interface makes adoption easy. Blazing performance eliminates wait-times for quotes, orders, and invoices, while reducing keying errors. Increase overall rep productivity - keep your customers happy


Deep Visibility

Gain realtime visibility into your entire revenue cycle - from initial sales engagement, quoting, billing, renewal, inventory, and shipping! Only Kugamon delivers the complete picture of every customer engagement.

What sets us apart? Listening to you

With an unparalleled user interface and compelling feature set, our clients love Kugamon and the value we bring.

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What Our Customers Say

... Slick tool for quote to cash in the SFDC org

I've used Kugamon before in my previous company as a power user when I was in CS. Now at Copado, Kugamon came to me as a large project to implement into our ...

Rachel Wong
Great Product and even better service and support!

Kugamon listened to our specific needs across a complex ORG and developed an easy-to-implement solution to Opportunities, Orders and Payment processing. Even ...

Jeff MacDonald
Quoting is so much better since we started using Kugamon

We've been using Kugamon for over a year now and have been very pleased with how it has positively impacted our Sales Process. Previously we used an Excel ...

Pat Haggerty
Awesome App, Awesome Team!

The level of service you receive from this team is amazing. Kuldip, Michael, Heather and Kevin have gone above and beyond to ensure our install was a success. ...

Michelle Afshar
Best all-in-one for CPQ on the Market

I loved this app! Found it years ago and implemented it while working for another company. It lifted the burden of managing many aspects of the sales cycle ...

Nicole Darechuk
Kugamon helps us keep track of all our Quotes, Orders, Payments, and Contracts.

What do you like best? It's built directly into our Salesforce instance and their support is great. Review collected by and hosted on What do you ...

John Jessup
Great Team

The Kugamon team is thoughtful and helpful.

Lesandra Hale
Excellent service and customer care!

Has an extraordinary call with Kugamon team.. very thorough and client-centric service!

Elizabeth Capano
Kugamon Meets our Unique Needs and Provides Great Support!

Johnson & Johnson Health and Wellness includes multiple companies in one SFDC org. Kugamon was able to meet the unique needs of each including unique invoices, ...

Wanda Dembeck
Fantastic product, amazing team!

I can't speak highly enough of the Kugamon product, as well as the entire team that helped us deploy and roll-out the solution over the last few months. I've ...

Varun Badhwar
Strong Solution, Seamless Integration, Ease of Use and FANTASTIC people to work with!

I run Sales Operations for CipherCloud, Inc. and when I joined the company one gap in sales process and infrastructure our field organization suffered from was ...

Joe Correa
Excellent solution not just for Order to Cash, but AR and Finance functions!

I've had the pleasure of leveraging Kugamon at my last two organizations. For both, we selected Kugamon primarily for their easy to use contracting and ...

Karen Armor
Awesome App and Team!

If we could, we'd give Kugamon six stars! Kugamon has streamlined our order and payment processing, reducing the time to complete these tasks by at least 50%. ...

Neda R
This is a review of Kugamon Administration - we launch next week

I joined my company as the Director of Sales in May 2018, at which point Kugamon was already an active (but not live) project underway with our Sales ...

John Flanagan
Compared Kugamon to Zuora and it was a no-brainer

Kugamon, Kuldip, and his entire team have been incredible from pre-sale all the way through post-sale. The pre-sales presentation was by far the best ...

Samuel Lee
Worth every penny

Our team loves Kugamon. We initially bought the product in 2013 and completed adding on Subscription and Renewal management custom changes in December of 2017. ...

Ryan Witt
Problem Solved!

Kugamon has fixed a payment recording issue that has been plaguing our company for a long time. Kuldip and his team worked tirelessly to understand and solve ...

Alyssa Dornfeld
Excellent product, great partnership!

We've been a customer of Kugamon for over a year now and they've been an outstanding partner for us here at Five Star Professional. Knowing that we had a ...

Brad Booher
Indeed 100% Fast, Native, User Friendly and Awesome!

We are a company in the LED lighting sector with a growing customer base, 350+ products (SKUs). Our online catalog in Kugamon/Salesforece streamlines the ...

Warehouse Operations
Kugamon for Product based Operation

We have a product based B2B wholesale operation with a direct to consumer web channel. We had been using Salesforce (SF) as a standalone CRM System and ...

Michael Meiser
A global solution regardless of language and currency

We have used Kugamon for over a year and have been very pleased with the application as well as the team behind it. We have offices in the US, UK, France and ...

Jen Wilga
Knowledgeable and efficient team

Kugamon has designed for us a very complex solution to manage our mining business processes. Kuldip and his team are very knowledgeable about Salesforce and ...

Ingrid Gettner
Kugamon, a great product and team to work with!

Vita Group is a diverse multi-brand company with a retail presence in telecommunications, technology accessories, medical aesthetic clinics and men’s ...

Michael Mortensen
Amazing Team and Product

Kugamon has consistently exceeded my expectations time and time again. The functionality is robust and extremely malleable based your specific use case. They ...

Eric Epstein
Great addition to an already effective SF!

What do you like best? The customization of what you can put in there is fantastic. We were able to get all the data that we wanted / needed out of the system. ...

Travis Hardman
ENDLESS capabilities provided by an EXCEPTIONAL Coach and Development Team!!

First, I was so impressed and appreciative of how Kuldip, Heather and Michael supported me through the installation process and changes we needed to ...

Tonya LaRose
Incredible functionality and support

Our company purchased Kugamon in order to quickly and seamlessly invoice customers through an online order, approval, and payment process. Before Kugamon, we ...

Tony Classen
Great CPQ Solution & Quick Support

Not only does Kugamon provide a quick and helpful tool, but their Support is excellent. Would highly recommend working with this team!

Annika Oledan
Long time customer, great support.

Always updating features and services. Kuldip is always willing to help and provide suggestions!

Andrew Lam
Solid and reliable end-to-end billing solution within Salesforce!

Kugamon's intuitive package is a natural fit for our business, easily extending the functionalities of Salesforce and allowing us to integrate order, billing, ...

Nimesh Gupta
Great team, awesome product!

Excellent app and the Kugamon team was very helpful during the installation and setup process. Our order, billing and renewal process can now be managed ...

Kyle Patel
Used it before, will use it again!

I used Kugamon with my last business and I'm happy to use it again. Kugamon has gone to great lengths to ensure our satisfaction with their app, from training ...

Sati Hillyer
Excellent Solution and Amazing Team

We recently started using Kugamon to manage our subscription orders and renewals. Our previous process was extremely manual, tedious and unscalable. Kugamon ...

Neda Hillyer
Outstanding Admin Services

Kugamon is a backbone of how we provide our subscription services to customers. Support folks are always attentive and response time is "lightning" fast. I ...

Bruce Stewart
Excellent support

Not just very handy product but also an excellent support. Always very quick to resolve your queries and help improve the experience. One of the best I have ...

Ateeq Rehman
Excellent Sales Experience

We have yet to implement and go-live with Kugamon, but our Sales and evaluation experience with Sahn from Kugamon was excellent. She took the time to go in ...

Jesse Pierce
Awesome App, Awesome Team!

The level of service you receive from this team is amazing. Kuldip, Michael, Heather and Kevin have gone above and beyond to ensure our install was a success. ...

Michelle Afshar
Quoting is so much better since we started using Kugamon

We've been using Kugamon for over a year now and have been very pleased with how it has positively impacted our Sales Process. Previously we used an Excel ...

Pat Haggerty
Quick Response- Our business is based in Bali

Our business is based in Bali so timing is important to us. Kugamon is always quick to respond, sometimes in minutes of a problem. Our problems are always ...

Katelin Holden
Our International Business Runs Smoothly on Kugamon/Salesforce

As of August 1 we are no longer posting account level detail to Quickbooks so we are relying on Kugamon/SFDC for all the transaction level detail for billing, ...

Mark Donovan
Excellent Support Team

Every time, we experience a problem whether it be human error or a glitch in the system they are always right on top of it, making us feel very important to ...

Amanda Barker
Excellent Application & Training

From the first moment I contacted Kugamon my experience has been a good one. From sales to training to flexibility in design - Kugamon has carefully considered ...

Rosalind Clarke
Perfect for our Order needs

Kugamon has fulfilled all of our needs and then some. Their staff is very friendly and has a ridiculously short response time to support requests(within half ...

Andrew Patton
Hands down one of the best!

The research phase was extensive but very happy to have chosen Kugamon. When you blend a great product with a fantastic support team you have a winning ...

Wes Matsumoto
Outstanding Customer Service

We've had the Kugamon app for about a year now and we couldn't be more pleased. The quote to order to payment flow is smooth and they've even coached us on a ...

Kira Westbroek
Kugamon understood our needs and delivered quickly

We're a startup that is pushing the edge of hands on learning for education institutions. When we contacted Kugamon, we needed a quote to order process that ...

Stephen Moore
Amazing support

This is for the support that I got today from Kugamon. I have been working with so many package providers of all sorts. This is the first time in last 12 years ...

Atul Kumar
Flawless Implementation

The short term plan was to "fix Salesforce" and we've come a long way, much thanks to Kugamon. The quarter end processing through our Kugamon implementation ...

Joe Correa
The best Order Managment system in SF

This is the best Order management App. not only because of its great usability but because they listen to our problems and produce fixes sometimes in the same ...

Alex Ahmad
Smart People Great Service

We have been a Kugamon user for 3 years. We did not need many features when we started, but as we have grown we consistently look to the Kugamon team to help ...

Monte Regier
Solid Order Management Solution for Our Business

After becoming disenchanted with our ability to customize the JDE Order Management module, we decided to pursue a order management ...

Danny Blonien
Prompt and Effective Support

I recently received exceptional support from Kugamon. Their support team was prompt and effective in addressing my inquiry. Thank you Kugamon!

Jamila Burns
One of the best decisions I made in 2011

Kugamon O2P is exactly what we needed. Now that we have built some custom workflows and reports on top it, I know the state of every quote, online order, ...

Rutherford Wilson
Excellent Implementation and Support

We just finished the implementation with Kuldip a few months ago. It was really awesome to have him hand-holding throughout all of the planning and setup of ...

Alison Dadia
Amazing Support and Development Team

What do you like best? Kugamon support is super responsive and their product is really user friendly! Review collected by and hosted on What do you ...

Administrator in Non-Profit Organization Management
Great product & customer service!

What do you like best? Customer service has been good, our concerns were addressed and consultants went above and beyond. During our build out Kugamon went ...

Jia Feng
Super User Friendly Application & Stellar Customer Support

What do you like best? As a Salesforce administrator who does not know how to code, this application gives great point-and-click solutions to solving for our ...

Alison V. Dadia
This Software does everything we need it to!

We looked into Kugamon because the capabilities of the standard Salesforce order functions provided were not going to work for us. The main reason we needed ...

Annae Ireson
Kugamon Orders to Payment is truly an AMAZING tool

At SlideRocket, we were spending way too much time creating and editing orders for both new sales and renewals. This was due to the number of steps required ...

Shiela Rahimian
Outstanding Product and Service

When initially looking for a CPQ solution we reviewed the Salesforce solution but quickly realized it was too complex and the pricing was outrageous. We turned ...

Jason Fill
Hands down one of the best!

The research phase was extensive but very happy to have chosen Kugamon. When you blend a great product with a fantastic support team you have a winning ...

Wes Matsumoto
Impressive from Start to Finish

Kugamon enables robust features in the CPQ realm that extends the processing power of the Salesforce platform. Through purchase, implementation, and support, ...

Donald Schier
Kugamon Q2C revolutionized how our sales team operates

Kugamon's powerful configurability, specifically with the Order Release Checklist, made streamlining our sales process easy and effective. Now, instead of ...

Ted Kerrigan
Great Support

Kuldip Hillyer and the Kugamon support team has been simply Amazing. They were able to provide immediate support and issues resolved.

Varun Panchal
Long time user, great app and support

My company has been using Kugamon for about four years, and it has become an integral part of our workflow. Our order fulfillment process is quicker and more ...

Tyler Rancourt
The Topmost Salesforce Native CPQ solution - Best tool for Quote to Cash

Excellent Implementation and Support. [Kugamon] makes life with Quotes and Orders much easier. Very good product, excellent tool. Overall, Kugamon is a great ...

Mithun Raj
The Most Efficient Way to Close Business

Since the implementation of Kugamon, our sales staff has saved an enormous amount of time taking prospects through the sales cycle. The efficiency of this ...

Steven Elders
Allows for integrated payment processing with Sales Force

What do you like best? - easy to use - turn key salesforce integration - eliminated the need for manual invoices, data entry and payment processing Review ...

Michael R
Flexible and Cost Effective, you're crazy not to buy this...

excellent app, with a focussed team running the company been using the system for several months upgrades and releases are addressing our needs as we grow we ...

Zamir Javer
Skyton Capital
Kugamon completes the CRM tool

We started our search for invoicing and billing management apps with the notion we would need to use multiple vendors to meet our needs. Once we checked out ...

Grant Nickelsen
Slingshot Consulting Group
Completes the missing pieces of Salesforce

We're using a highly customized Salesforce environment built on the Kugamon functionality, which allows us to integrate sales, marketing, operations/production ...

Scott Rutherford
Excellent solution not just for Order to Cash, but AR and Finance functions!

I've had the pleasure of leveraging Kugamon at my last two organizations. For both, we selected Kugamon primarily for their easy to use contracting and ...

Karen Armor

As a new user of Kugamon, and a fairly basic user of SalesForce in general, I find Kugamon to be a very nice add-on overall. It's much easier to use than ...

Jessica Cellini
Kugamon is the reason I bought Salesforce CRM

I have searched the market for more then 3 years to find such app. I bought Salesforce because of Kugamon I'm glad the app looks and feels just like ...

Etty Fhima
Accessories with Style
Simple Flexibility

Orders to payments has simplified our workflow tremendously. We have cut our invoice generation process by nearly 75% per cent and streamlined our fulfillment ...

Rebecca Biovin
Awesome Billing System

Excellent level of support from every arm of the organization. I would highly recommend Kugamon to any business, especially those on Salesforce Platform

Kiana Rezaei
Watching Kugamon grow!

We went live with Kugamon a year and a half ago, and we've had the pleasure of being able to watch Kugamon grow its team along with its business during this ...

Andis Vildavs
Great product, don't skimp on training

It works exactly the way it is supposed to. Definitely invest in the training, without it you might be lost, but the Kugamon crew is pretty honest about that ...

Matthew Wright
Kugamon is Great!

Kugamon helped us automate a number of items, like billing, creating renewal opportunities, sending quotes, etc. that were proving both tedious and hard to ...

Luis Perdices
Great Product, Great Team !!!

Jobscience is a Salesforce ISV that builds and sells Recruiting Solutions on the Salesforce Platform.After researching the AppExchange and considering options ...

Robert Stubblefield
Made Life a Breeze

We’re currently using Kugamon’s Subscription & Renewal Management Add-On to process our renewals and it is a substantial improvement from our previous manual ...

Connor English
Good stuff...

My firm just recently finished the install and the training... From what I can tell so far, and all the samples I have used the apps for, this is definitely ...

Very powerful tool

Our company has just recently bought the Kugamon App and while we are yet in the setup I can already see and appreciate how it will simplify and streamline ...

Hans Christian Ahrenkiel
Fully Customizable Product...and Did I Mention Service with a SMILE!

CEO, Kuldip Hillyer and the entire Kugamon support team has been simply Amazing. Our organization has been using their product for over 9 years. This ...

Sheliza Messam
Very good product and excellent support

We have been using this product for many years now. Their product is completely customizable which is very helpful to incorporate our business process. They ...

Himanshu Patel
Pretty good suite for orders

A nice package, adaptable to any order-taking needs. Support staff is very helpful, customizations available

Brian Hopkins
Great App!

Works well for our company! The support is also very prompt and helpful!

Kristina Nelsen
Kugamon – Best Business Move We’ve Made

Looking to grow your company and increase your sales, Kugamon's app is the best app to enhance your Salesforce. Kugamon easily integrates your whole process in ...

Gladys Echon
Hands down one of the best!

The research phase was extensive but very happy to have chosen Kugamon. When you blend a great product with a fantastic support team you have a winning ...

Wes Matsumoto
Just what we needed

We bought Kugamon because it allowed us to simply handle our payments process. It was easy to fit into our business processes. The staff are very responsive ...

Steven Mih
Silicon Valley NoSQL Database Provider
Well Thought Out, Comprehensive & Well Executed

Kugamon fits a niche that's been greatly needed on the AppExchange. It's the only application that supplies a , closed-loop process through Opportunities, ...

Scott Hemmeter
Awesome Application

It’s not often that an application comes along that really makes sense. Kugamon is that application it’s a natural fit into the entire business process and the ...

Brian Lenz
Nice integration

Intuitive and flexible options have enabled us to create an integrated workflow which matched and adapted to our evolving business. The Kugamon team has been ...

Alex Vergilis

Kugamon does a great job of extending the functionality of SalesForce. It was easy to fit into our business processes. The staff are helpful and very reliable. ...

Amy Jones
Extremely fast response time. Solution found within minutes.

Kugamon is always very responsive. The interactions are friendly and helpful. Very pleased with their support and services.

Christine Lucht
Helped us go from a 90 day sales cycle to 20 days

Kugamon has been a tremendous help in shorting the life cycle of a sale. We purchased Kugamon to allow for our client to EOrder. This has helped us ...

Danielle Vreeland

Finally our company can create quotes, orders and invoices through with Kugamon. Before Kugamon it was a nightmare tying to create invoices and ...

Thomas Osthus
Game Changing Orders to Payments!

Kugamon has allowed us to speed up the quote and order process. What used to take 5-10 minutes per order, now takes seconds. A very tight integration to ...

Erik Tipton
Exactly what we needed to take our business to the next level!

Like most Cloud-based companies, we were allowing our customers to leverage the latest and greatest technologies, but our back-office processes were ...

Jon Jessup
Simplifies the Complexities of CPQ

Kugamon provides me the ability to manage my business seamlessly. It takes just minutes to create an order and generate an invoice. For my customers with ...

Renee Jones-Sparks
This CPQ has been a joy to implement

Today, we launched phase 1 of our Kugamon CPQ implementation. CPQ is tough work, there's no way getting around it. Partnering with Kugamon and their ...

Tim Chingos
If you do custom Salesforce development and need a CPQ, Kugamon CPQ is your ideal package

If your organization does Salesforce development in-house, Kugamon CPQ is the ideal CPQ package for you. Our organization does a lot of internal development ...

David Westgate
Exceptional Tool for Subscription & Renewal Management

At CollegeVine, our experience with Kugamon has been outstanding. From the initial implementation to ongoing feature updates, Kugamon continually impresses ...

James Gerbeville
The Best Implementation

This was one of the best implementations I have ever participated in. The product is easy and highly effective. The Kugamon team is incredible, extremely ...

Kathy Krupa
Best CPQ Solution for Salesforce

As a small software developer, we were surprised how little was available in terms of CPQ solutions that would work with Salesforce and Quickbooks. We ...

Kari Voigt