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Get Perfect Renewal Pipeline Forecasts, Increased Customer Satisfaction, and Reduced Customer Churn

#1 Pick for Fast Growing Startups

Kugamon Subscription Billing helps you achieve real time business visibility and gain access to better analytics data with enhanced dashboards, ARR, MRR, Net Churn and other key metrics. With Kugamon you can run your RevOps entirely from Salesforce!

Build Stronger Customer Relationships

With better access to data through Kugamon Billing Management you have a much clearer picture of who your customers are and what they want - enabling you to improve your interactions, build better relationships and ensure your customers stick around for as long as possible.

Save Time & Reduce Headaches

Manually handling renewals is time consuming, inefficient and error prone. Kugamon Subscription Billing reduces subscription billing errors and gain significant time savings, freeing up your team to focus on building relationships and growing your business.

Gain the Flexibility you Need

Kugamon Subscription Billing allows you to maintain flexible billing solutions to accommodate each of your clients specific needs, even as you grow. Easily manage complex subscriptions, co-term/proration sales, subscription terms, start and end dates, billing frequency and much more. With just a few easy clicks you can service add-on and expansion requests with the peace of mind that your clients are being correctly charged.

Increase Your Revenue

With automated renewal uplift, you could add hundreds of thousands if not millions to your bottom line. This allows for a more sustainable business model and increased control over your business’ future.

Our Subscription Billing

What Our Customers
are Saying

... Slick tool for quote to cash in the SFDC org

I've used Kugamon before in my previous company as a power user when I was in CS. Now at Copado, Kugamon came to me as a large project to implement into our ...

Rachel Wong
Kugamon helps us keep track of all our Quotes, Orders, Payments, and Contracts.

What do you like best? It's built directly into our Salesforce instance and their support is great. Review collected by and hosted on What do you ...

John Jessup
Worth every penny

Our team loves Kugamon. We initially bought the product in 2013 and completed adding on Subscription and Renewal management custom changes in December of 2017. ...

Ryan Witt
Solid and reliable end-to-end billing solution within Salesforce!

Kugamon's intuitive package is a natural fit for our business, easily extending the functionalities of Salesforce and allowing us to integrate order, billing, ...

Nimesh Gupta
Great team, awesome product!

Excellent app and the Kugamon team was very helpful during the installation and setup process. Our order, billing and renewal process can now be managed ...

Kyle Patel
Used it before, will use it again!

I used Kugamon with my last business and I'm happy to use it again. Kugamon has gone to great lengths to ensure our satisfaction with their app, from training ...

Sati Hillyer
Excellent Solution and Amazing Team

We recently started using Kugamon to manage our subscription orders and renewals. Our previous process was extremely manual, tedious and unscalable. Kugamon ...

Neda Hillyer
Excellent support

Not just very handy product but also an excellent support. Always very quick to resolve your queries and help improve the experience. One of the best I have ...

Ateeq Rehman
Outstanding Product and Service

When initially looking for a CPQ solution we reviewed the Salesforce solution but quickly realized it was too complex and the pricing was outrageous. We turned ...

Jason Fill
Impressive from Start to Finish

Kugamon enables robust features in the CPQ realm that extends the processing power of the Salesforce platform. Through purchase, implementation, and support, ...

Donald Schier
Kugamon Q2C revolutionized how our sales team operates

Kugamon's powerful configurability, specifically with the Order Release Checklist, made streamlining our sales process easy and effective. Now, instead of ...

Ted Kerrigan
Great Support

Kuldip Hillyer and the Kugamon support team has been simply Amazing. They were able to provide immediate support and issues resolved.

Varun Panchal
The Topmost Salesforce Native CPQ solution - Best tool for Quote to Cash

Excellent Implementation and Support. [Kugamon] makes life with Quotes and Orders much easier. Very good product, excellent tool. Overall, Kugamon is a great ...

Mithun Raj
Great App!

Works well for our company! The support is also very prompt and helpful!

Kristina Nelsen
Game Changing Orders to Payments!

Kugamon has allowed us to speed up the quote and order process. What used to take 5-10 minutes per order, now takes seconds. A very tight integration to ...

Erik Tipton
Exactly what we needed to take our business to the next level!

Like most Cloud-based companies, we were allowing our customers to leverage the latest and greatest technologies, but our back-office processes were ...

Jon Jessup
Simplifies the Complexities of CPQ

Kugamon provides me the ability to manage my business seamlessly. It takes just minutes to create an order and generate an invoice. For my customers with ...

Renee Jones-Sparks
This CPQ has been a joy to implement

Today, we launched phase 1 of our Kugamon CPQ implementation. CPQ is tough work, there's no way getting around it. Partnering with Kugamon and their ...

Tim Chingos
If you do custom Salesforce development and need a CPQ, Kugamon CPQ is your ideal package

If your organization does Salesforce development in-house, Kugamon CPQ is the ideal CPQ package for you. Our organization does a lot of internal development ...

David Westgate
Exceptional Tool for Subscription & Renewal Management

At CollegeVine, our experience with Kugamon has been outstanding. From the initial implementation to ongoing feature updates, Kugamon continually impresses ...

James Gerbeville
The Best Implementation

This was one of the best implementations I have ever participated in. The product is easy and highly effective. The Kugamon team is incredible, extremely ...

Kathy Krupa
Best CPQ Solution for Salesforce

As a small software developer, we were surprised how little was available in terms of CPQ solutions that would work with Salesforce and Quickbooks. We ...

Kari Voigt

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