Kugamon versus DealHub

The Difference is the Design. Seeing is Believing.

No Salesforce-based Data Storage

  • DealHub is a separate application to Salesforce that integrates limited transaction data, such as Account and Contact details
  • Key transactions details, such as Quote and Order information are stored outside of Salesforce
  • Requires Administrators and Users to repeatedly Login In and Out of Salesforce to transact or report on a sale
  • Kugamon is 100% built within Salesforce, meaning Kugamon's application logic and data is native in Salesforce
  • This allows a common and intuitive experience for Administrators and Users
  • Moreover, Kugamon's design is based on Salesforce's; whereby a new User can easily grasp Kugamon records and functions

Salesforce Integration Lacking

  • Based on former DealHub customer feedback, DealHub's Integration to Salesforce is not ready for primetime
  • DealHub provides a composite app to Salesforce that presents a window to the DealHub's transaction
  • Managing the transaction requires Logging into DealHub
  • Kugamon is 100% built within Salesforce, meaning Kugamon's application logic and data is in Salesforce
  • Kugamon gains the benefits of Lightning, such as scalable architecture, faster operations, responsive deisgn, and better extensibility.
  • This allows a common and consistent experience for Administrators and Users

Limited US Based Support

  • Current and Former DealHub Customers are tired of 6am Support Calls with DealHub's main support team in Israel
  • The time difference with United States, especially the West Coast, has made routine questions a multi-day event and frequents issues a long-term nightmare
  • Kugamon takes pride in delivering world-class support
  • Our Support Team is based in San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Rotterdam
  • All of our support team members are experts in Kugamon, as well as, Salesforce

Guide Selling Is Difficult to Administer

  • Accounts come to Kugamon telling us that for simple changes, they have to rebuild the entire Guided Selling paths
  • Experienced Sales Reps feel restricted and cannot deviate from Guided Selling paths
  • Kugamon does not offer a Guided Selling Only solution. Our research concluded that Revenue Operations teams want flexibility
  • Kugamon allows Administrators to tailor the CPQ experience for their Users, allowing them the flexibility to make modifications when requirements change
  • Savvy and Power Users will find Kugamon comfortable to use, while allowing them to build the Quotes and Orders necessary to close the deal
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