Kugamon versus Salesforce Revenue Cloud

The Difference is the Design. Seeing is Believing.

High Cost of Ownership

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud Implementation Costs are typically 2X to 3X the License Cost
  • Administration Costs are higher due to Salesforce Revenue Cloud Certification requirements
  • Due to the nature of custom Implementations, updates and changes require re-engagement with outside Consulting Partners and Developers
  • Kugamon Implementation Costs are typically 1/4th to 1/3rd the License Cost
  • Due to the intuitive design and thoughtful application behavior, Administrators and Developers easily understand Kugamon
  • Kugamon Package Manager makes upgrades straightforward and a pain-free process
  • Salesforce Consulting Partners are not required to implement nor customize Kugamon

Not Built in Lightning

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud is built on the previous generation Salesforce Platform architecture, Classic Experience
  • The current Salesforce Platform architecture, Lightning Experience, bas been the standard and future of Salesforce since its release in January 2020
  • Salesforce has been silent on Lightning transition of Salesforce Revenue Cloud for years
  • Kugamon CPQ has been re-architected to the Lightning Experience. It was a 4 year process. Worth it!
  • Kugamon gains the benefits of Lightning, such as scalable architecture, faster operations, responsive design, and better integration and extensibility.

Not Intuitive

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a rebrand of the SteelBrick Quote Quickly application. The design and behavior of the app did not follow Salesforce's conventions
  • For Users and Admins, Salesforce CPQ requires extensive product training, for the skills acquired through Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds are not transferable to Salesforce Revenue Cloud.
  • Typical Salesforce Revenue Cloud customers must engage with expensive Consulting Partners to help with both implementation and on-going administration
  • Kugamon was designed and built as if Salesforce themselves had built a robust CPQ and Billing app.
  • From the Design to UI/UX to the Expected Behavior, Kugamon is straightforward to implement and easy to use.
  • Users can leverage their prior knowledge gained through Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds

Built for the Enterprise, Not Small and Medium Businesses

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a very capabie solution for Businesses with Certified Salesforce Administrators and Developers on Staff
  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud is so customizable that Customers are recommended to hire a Consulting Partner, rather than self-implement
  • Kugamon is designed for Customers to Self-Implement and Administer
  • This is accomplished by it's intuitive design and thoughtful application behavior, where Administrators and Users can easily understand Kugamon
  • Salesforce Consulting Partners are not required to implement nor customize Kugamon
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